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Why does a cracked tooth need a crown and not a filling?

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Since a dental crown comes with a much higher price tag than a filling, many patients wonder if a crown is really needed when their dentist recommends one. While there are times a filling could be a viable treatment option over a crown, if you have a cracked tooth, a filling won’t give your tooth the protection it needs.

A cracked or broken tooth cannot repair itself like a broken bone can. And since a cracked tooth can lead to an infection that spreads to the gums, bone, and other teeth, it is imperative to keep an infection from occurring. It is also important to protect the integrity of the tooth to prevent further damage. This requires more than a filling.

At Ocean View Dental Care in San Clemente, CA, our dentists always look for and offer the most conservative treatment options possible. However, there are times that a dental crown is the most conservative option. In fact, depending on the type of crack in your tooth, even a dental crown may not be enough.

What causes a cracked tooth?

There are many ways to damage and crack your teeth, and as we age, our teeth can weaken, putting them at an increased risk of damage. Previous dental work also weakens teeth, especially large fillings.

Other common causes for a cracked tooth include:

  • Pressure and force from jaw clenching or teeth grinding, also known as bruxism
  • Trauma, such as a fall, car accident, athletic injury, or blow to the jaw
  • Chewing hard items, such as ice, nuts, hard candy, or popcorn kernels
  • Abrupt changes in temperature, such as eating something extremely hot then using ice water to cool the mouth

Protect your teeth from breakage by avoiding things that damage teeth. Do not use your teeth as “tools” to open things and stay away from chewing hard items, especially if you have had previous dental work. If you participate in sports or suffer from bruxism, discuss this with your dentist. You may want to get a customized mouthguard to protect your teeth.

It is also important to maintain good oral hygiene. Keep your teeth strong by flossing daily, brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, and visiting your dentist regularly.

How many ways can a tooth be cracked?

There are several types of cracks, and the type of crack determines the needed treatment. When the damage involves the roots and nerves, root canal therapy or extraction may be required.

In industrialized nations, a cracked tooth is the leading cause of tooth loss.

A cracked tooth can be:

  • If the crack only involves the enamel of your tooth, you most likely won’t need any treatment. These surface cracks, called craze lines, are quite common and, most often, cause no symptoms. However, craze lines are more susceptible to staining, making them more obvious. Treatment for this is cosmetic and could include teeth whitening or composite bonding to reduce visibility.
  • Fractured cusp. This most commonly occurs around a filling and does not involve the center of the tooth. Because the nerves are not involved, you may not experience pain or tooth sensitivity. This type of crack requires a dental crown.
  • A crack that involves the tooth pulp. This type of crack may necessitate a root canal to protect it from further weakening or infection. After root canal therapy, you will need a crown.
  • A crack that extends into the gum line. When a vertical crack does not reach the gum line, your dentist should be able to save the tooth. However, if the crack extends into or beyond the gum line, you may require an extraction.
  • Split tooth. When a crack travels from the surface to beyond the gum line, the tooth can separate into segments. Most likely, this will require extraction, but your dentist may be able to save a portion of it.
  • Vertical root fracture. This crack begins below the gum and travels up the tooth. This type of crack may not produce many symptoms unless infection sets in. Usually, this type of fracture requires extraction.

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Do you have pain when you bite down, experience sensitivity to cold, heat, or sweets, or have swelling of the gum surrounding a tooth? If so, you may have a cracked tooth.

If you live in the San Clemente, CA area and suspect you have a cracked tooth, call us at (949) 388-0780 or contact us online today to schedule an appointment.

Remember, a cracked tooth cannot repair itself and can lead to serious problems. Prompt treatment gives you the best chance of preventing infection and saving your tooth.







San Clemente Dentists Explain: When are dental implants necessary?

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Your San Clemente dentist can restore missing teeth using a variety of restorative treatments. Traditional restorations allow Dr. Andrew Higgins or Dr. Pichak Kelk to attach a durable prosthetic that replaces one or more missing teeth. Dental implants offer superior stability and unique oral health benefits. If you live in or around San Clemente, CA and are wondering when dental implants are necessary, this overview will help.

What Makes Dental Implants Unique?

We are proud to offer restorative treatments like dental crowns and dental bridges at our San Clemente dental practice. A dental crown is a durable and natural-looking “cap” that completely covers the surface of a damaged tooth, often after root canal therapy. If you are missing multiple consecutive teeth, you can benefit from a dental bridge. 

A fixed dental bridge fills gaps in a patient’s smile. The dental bridge places a pontic (prosthetic crown) that is held in place by two neighboring dental crowns. Like crowns, bridges can be custom-made to blend in with the patient’s natural smile. 

While these restorative options offer a quality replacement for missing teeth, dental implants offer many unique benefits.

Superior Stability

Dental implants and implant-retained prosthetics offer superior stability. The key to this unique restorative feature are the titanium posts that are placed in the patient’s jawbone. Once the implant fully heals, the restoration is attached via a metal device called an abutment. When your dental crown or bridge is anchored to bone, the false teeth feel and function like natural teeth. This benefit is particularly noticeable when eating tough or chewy food items like steak. 

A Lifelong Solution to Tooth Loss

Once your dental implant is placed at our San Clemente dental practice, the titanium post will begin to fuse with your jawbone tissue through a natural process called osseointegration. This process effectively makes the implant a functioning and permanent part of your body. With proper oral hygiene and regular checkups, dental implants can last for a lifetime. 

A Base to Support Multiple Prosthetics

Once placed, dental implants can support individual crowns, a dental bridge, partial denture, or full denture. No matter how many missing teeth you have, your San Clemente dentist can address your tooth loss using dental implants.

Oral Health Benefits

Tooth roots stimulate bone growth. Following the loss of one or more teeth, bone atrophy becomes a serious oral health risk. By placing one or more dental implants following tooth loss, you can prevent the loss of bone mass. Traditional restorations do not offer this oral health benefit.

How Long Will My Treatment Last?

Each patient heals at different rates. The average treatment timeline for dental implants is three to six months. If you have suffered jawbone atrophy, you may require bone graft surgery, which can add months to your overall treatment timeline.

Schedule Your Dental Implant Consultation Today

Your San Clemente dentists are ready to explain the dental implant treatment process in depth. Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss that promotes bone strength. If you are planning to undergo a tooth extraction, now is the time to begin planning for your dental implant placement. 

Many of our San Clemente patients seek dental implants are a replacement for traditional dental bridges or other restorations. To schedule your next visit, please contact our office online or call (949) 388-0780.

What are the benefits of invisible braces?

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Since its release in 1999, Invisalign clear aligners have revolutionized modern orthodontics. Teenagers and adults of all ages can now enjoy discreet and comfortable orthodontic treatments that deliver drastic and predictable results. Ocean View Dental Care is proud to offer clear aligner treatments for patients in San Clemente, CA. Our community-focused practice always puts your comfort and satisfaction first.

Benefits of Invisalign

Braces deliver life-changing and undeniably important cosmetic results, but the treatment process hasn’t always been user-friendly. Traditional metal braces can irritate gums. The periodic wire tightenings are notoriously unpleasant, and few patients would say that they enjoy having metal brackets and wires obscure their smile.

Invisible braces address all of those common complaints. Patients who undergo discreet and comfortable Invisalign treatments can enjoy these proven benefits.

No dietary restrictions

Traditional metal braces require dietary restrictions and strict oral hygiene habits. Hard or crunchy foods can break wires or dislodge brackets. Chewy foods can be difficult to remove. Our San Clemente dental patients simply remove their invisible braces when eating. There are no dietary restrictions, although we recommend that patients take care to keep food particles from building up inside the clear aligners.

A faster and reliable treatment

Due to advanced SmartTrack material and other patented technologies, Invisalign offers proven results along a predictable timeline. When you begin your orthodontic treatment, one of our doctors will provide you with the exact timeline of your treatment. Knowing how long your treatment will last allows our San Clemente patients to plan accordingly. 

A discreet treatment

Many of our patients cite Invisalign’s discreet treatments as their favorite feature of this orthodontic treatment. When properly cleaned, few people (if any) will be able to tell that you are wearing aligner trays. Invisalign trays are barely noticeable when speaking, meaning the aligner trays truly are the most discreet orthodontic option on the market.

Greater comfort

Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign uses gentle micromovements to nudge teeth into better alignment. Each successive tray is straighter than the preceding tray. The invisible braces do not require uncomfortable wire tightenings. Patients may experience brief pressure when placing new trays, but the majority of our patients report that their orthodontic treatments are surprisingly comfortable. 

Invisalign SmartTrack Material

Invisalign’s SmartTrack material was released in 2013. Align Technology spent eight years researching the technology and explored 260 different materials. SmartTrack material is designed specifically for orthodontic treatments and fits precisely to a patient’s tooth morphology and attachments.

Photo-ready results

Does teeth misalignment leave you embarrassed to smile? Having a beautiful and attractive smile can lead to professional success, personal fulfillment, and rewarding romantic relations. Invisalign clear aligners correct a wide range of alignment issues, including gaps between teeth. Once your treatment timeline is complete, you can enjoy your new, photo-ready smile for the rest of your life. 

Schedule Your Invisalign Consultation Today

Let the expert staff of Ocean View Dental Care give you something to really smile about. Invisible braces are a convenient and effective treatment for misaligned teeth. To schedule your next visit to our San Clemente dental practice, contact our staff online or call (949) 388-0780. The Ocean View Dental Care team looks forward to seeing you soon. Come see why our patients can’t stop smiling!