Meet Your Periodontist


Dr. Pichak Kelk, DDS DABP


Dr. Kelk is a Board-certified Periodontist and Dental Implant Surgeon. She has three years of training in Periodontology (prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal or gum disease, treatment of oral inflammation, performing cosmetic periodontal procedures and bone regeneration) beyond dental school. She has also completed 15 months of Fellowship in Dental Implant Surgery.


Dr. Kelk has focused her practice on Periodontal and Implant surgery for the past 18 years.

Dr. Kelk’s Scope of Practice


Dr. Kelk treats all aspects of periodontal disease using the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques. Here are some of the treatments that we provide:

  • Periodontal Surgery
  • Pocket Reductions Surgery
  • Osseous Surgery
  • Esthetic and Functional Crown Lengthening to optimize the placement of your restoration by your dentist
  • Gum/Gingival/Connective Tissue Grafts using your own gum tissue
  • Soft Tissue Grafts using donor tissue
  • Bone Regenerative Techniques using bone grafts/membranes/biologic materials and growth factors
  • Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery
  • Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy
  • Placement of Dental Implants and working closely with your dentist from start to finish of your dental implant procedure
  • Reconstructive Surgery to create bone volume to place dental implants optimally


Educational Background


Dr. Kelk received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Tehran University followed by a Fellowship Degree in Dental Implants from Loma Linda University. She then did her specialty training at the Advanced Periodontology Department at Loma Linda University and became a specialist and has been in practice since 2000.  She was Board Certified by the American Board of Periodontology in 2004 and has been recertified twice since then. Dr. Kelk has previously served as the Dental Board of California onsite examiner for conscious sedation for many years. Dr. Kelk currently is a part-time clinical faculty at the Advanced Periodontology Program at USC Dental School and she trains future periodontists with their surgical skills.



  • American Dental Association ADA
  • California Dental Association CDA
  • Orange County Dental Association OCDS
  • American Academy of Periodontology ABP
  • American Board of Periodontology ABP
  • Western Society of Periodontists WSP


 Your First Visit with Your Periodontist


During the first visit, Dr. Kelk will review your complete medical and dental histories. It is extremely important to know if you are taking any medications or if the you are being treated for any medical condition such as heart disease or diabetes as they can affect your periodontal condition. Dr. Kelk will then review the reason why you are being referred to her (such as gum infection, bone loss around the teeth, gum recession or missing teeth which you may wish to replace with dental implants) and she will either perform a complete or an area-focused periodontal evaluation. She may use a measuring instrument called a periodontal probe to determine if there’s any loose gums or deep pocket between your teeth and gums as this can be one of the signs of bone-loss and gum attachment around the teeth. She will check your gumlines and gum thickness on the areas of concern as necessary if your gum is receding and some teeth look longer than normal (as their roots have started to show as the gum is receding). She may assess your bite to see how the teeth fit together upon closing your mouth and may check the mobility of your teeth. X-rays say a lot about the bone condition around your existing teeth and the areas that are missing teeth. If you are inquiring about dental implants, the area to be treated will be examined and she will review your implant tooth replacement option(s) with you. She may then order a CBCT scan to examine your bone and delicate anatomy of the areas adjacent to your future dental implant, in detail, to make sure you will be receiving the highest standard of care that you deserve. Dr. Kelk and Dr. Higgins will work closely together to ensure an ideal dental implant treatment outcome. As the implant becomes integrated, Dr. Kelk will hand over your case to Dr. Higgins to restore your implant(s).


Benefits of Periodontal Treatment


While each case is unique and requires individual attention, periodontal treatment can provide the following health benefits: 

  • Healthy gums free from infection
  • Regeneration of lost jaw and alveolar bone and gum tissue
  • Adding to the longevity of your dentition
  • Improved gingival symmetry and creating a harmonious gingival contour
  • Improved smile line (in case of having a gummy smile or if some of your teeth show longer than normal due to gum recession)
  • And most of all a healthy body and a beautiful smile