Cosmetic Dentistry

Does seeing your smile make you want to smile more? Or do you prefer to cover it up? Maybe you have learned to smile with just your lips, keeping your teeth and gums out of the picture. 

Being embarrassed by your smile can affect your attitude and lower your self-esteem. Maybe it’s time to do something about it. At Ocean View Dental Care, we offer numerous treatments to improve your smile and make it beautiful. Our experienced cosmetic dentists can perform anything from teeth whitening to an entire smile makeover.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialty that focuses primarily on enhancing or restoring the appearance of a patient’s smile. Cosmetic dental procedures correct visible flaws in the smile, including tooth loss, chips, cracks, or discolored teeth. Treatment may also address misalignment of the teeth or teeth that are small in comparison to their neighbors. In addition, cosmetic treatments are available for patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their gums.

Cosmetic dentistry may include treatments such as bonding, teeth whitening, inlays and onlays, dental veneers, and gum recontouring. Sometimes, restorative and cosmetic dentistry overlap. For instance, while replacing missing teeth is important for your overall health, it also improves your appearance.

These interventions may be provided individually or in combination for a complete overhaul of the smile, depending on the patient’s treatment goals and desires.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Many people are dissatisfied with their natural smiles. Fortunately, patients can take advantage of cosmetic dentistry options to enhance their smiles and boost their confidence.

This overview of cosmetic dentistry services will introduce the available treatments and explain the basics of what to expect from the treatment process.

These are some of the most popular among our patient population:

Dental Bonding:

Tooth-colored resin is applied to the tooth and cured to restore a minor defect such as a small chip or crack. This can also help with a misshaped tooth or to fill in minor gaps. After the resin hardens, the dentist may further refine its shape. The composite material is customized to match the natural teeth so that it will not be visible.

Teeth Whitening:

The dentist will apply a whitening agent to the teeth to reduce stains and reverse the yellowing that occurs with age. We offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments in a variety of packages to fit your needs.


While most often used in restorative dentistry, crowns can also serve cosmetic purposes, as in the case of covering a severely discolored tooth. Also, many patients who require a dental crown for restorative needs choose a more natural-looking porcelain crown for cosmetic purposes.


A veneer is a thin, tooth-shaped shell that is bonded to the front surface of a biological tooth to conceal flaws. Veneers are helpful when the defects are too substantial to be addressed by dental bonding, such as deep stains or fractured teeth. They can also correct a misshapen or undersized tooth and can make slightly crooked teeth appear straight.


While there are a few options for replacing a lost tooth, dental implants offer the most realistic restoration. A dental implant replaces the missing tooth root, which is important to overall oral health. Completion of the restoration requires a dental crown or implant-supported bridge. 

Periodontal Surgery:

For patients with receding gums, a gum graft might be your best treatment option. This not only improves the appearance of your smile, but it helps your gums return to a healthy state. For patients who complain of gummy smile, laser gum reduction is a great option. At Ocean View Dental Care, our Board-certified periodontist can help you and your gum line.

What To Expect From The Treatment Process

The initial step in cosmetic dentistry treatment is to schedule a consultation. We will ask about your smile goals and examine your smile. In addition, several treatments require good oral hygiene.
If any issues are noticed during your exam, we will discuss any necessary treatment. For instance, if we find any tooth decay, you will first need dental fillings. We will then recommend and discuss the cosmetic treatment options most likely to be effective in your case.

The cosmetic dentistry treatment process will depend on the particular intervention involved. Some treatments, such as dental bonding or teeth whitening, can be completed in as little as an hour. As an added bonus, patients often do not need local anesthetic for these procedures.

Veneer design and placement is more complex and takes place over multiple appointments spaced a few weeks apart. At the first appointment, the dentist gathers information needed for the design of the veneers. We then forward that information to the dental laboratory for creation of your veneers. Depending on the thickness of the veneers, your teeth may also be prepped at that first appointment to make room for them.
When the veneers are back from the lab, you’ll return to the office to have them bonded to your teeth.

Patients who are planning to receive multiple cosmetic dentistry interventions will need to work with the dentist to plan the timing of those treatments. For example, veneers do not respond to teeth whitening treatments. Therefore, you should be satisfied with the shade of your surrounding teeth before having veneers placed. This means that teeth whitening should occur before veneer placement.

Get All Your Questions Answered

Your dentist will give you more thorough information about what to expect from the various aspects of the cosmetic dentistry treatment process.

If you have questions, we’ve got answers. Call (949) 388-0780 today to learn more from one of our friendly team members.

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