Do my kids need a children’s dentist or family dentist?

children's dentist or family dentist

When it comes to finding the best children’s dentist for your kids, it’s important to make the right decision. To do that, you want to consider the things that matter most to you.

At Ocean View Dental, the mission of our caring, friendly dental team is to treat everyone like family. We love to treat children of all ages, including infants, children, adolescents, and teenagers. But we also love to treat adult patients, especially those who are actually children at heart!

Our goal is to build a relationship with every member of your family while providing you with top-notch adult and pediatric dental care so that we are your dentist for life. In fact, many of our patients move far away, but they continue to come to us. They let us know that the care and attention we provide is worth the long drive

Does the children’s dentist also see adults?

The convenience factor is an important component for many parents when choosing a children’s dentist. Many patients prefer going to a dentist where the parents and kids can get checkups and cleanings at the same time.

While there are some great pediatric dentists out there, few, if any, also treat adults. This means you and your children can’t receive treatment at the same time. For many parents, this means having to get childcare when it’s their turn to sit in the dental chair.

Also, when you and your children go to the same dental office, it gives you an excellent opportunity to really get to know everyone there.

At Ocean View Dental, we are passionate about dental education and taking our time to get to know all our patients. When you come in for an appointment with your children, we love to spend time with you together. This allows us to build a deeper relationship with you and provide seamless education regarding dental health, brushing, flossing, and your child’s developing mouth.

How does the dentist treat you and your children?

Is the dentist a children’s dentist at heart?

Many dentists will treat children to add convenience for parents and increase their patient load, but do they treat children the way kids want and need to be treated?

For instance, Dr. John Wallace was terrified of the dental chair when he was a kid. While he’s no longer afraid of dentists, he does remember how he felt each time his mom brought him to the dentist.

Fear of the dentist is common in children, and our compassionate team knows the importance of alleviating dental fears and anxiety. We will go the extra mile and beyond to keep you and your children comfortable and relaxed. Well, except when we make your belly ache from laughing–we do love to laugh and have fun!

Moreover, we do our best to never be in a hurry when serving our patients. Every patient gets all the time and attention they need. Because we understand—some patients just need a moment or two to relax.

Does the children’s dentist provide orthodontic services?

At Ocean View Dental, we are proud to partner with Dr. Katherine Ahn and Aviara Centers. Dr. Ahn has extensive experience and training in pediatric orthodontics and craniofacial development.

If your child has poor oral habits or experiences issues with TMJ disorder, sleep apnea, or jaw development, Dr. Ahn is the doctor you can trust to help.

With multiple treatment options, she can give your child not only a beautiful smile but a beautiful face. As a bonus, your child will enjoy improved breathing.

When should I bring my child to the dentist?

At Ocean View Dental, we agree with the guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). They recommend children see a dentist by their first birthday or within six months of eruption of the first tooth. This may seem early, but a lot of changes occur in the teeth and gums as kids grow.

Bringing your children to the dentist at such a young age allows us to help parents understand the different stages and how to maintain good oral health for their children.

It also allows your child to enjoy happy experiences at the dentist while our team builds a positive rapport with them. This is a much better option than their first introduction including the words “cavities” and “fillings.”

After all, when the first few dental experiences are negative for a child, it greatly increases their anxiety and fear over future dental visits.

Our children’s dentistry services also include sealants and fluoride treatments to build strong, healthy smiles.

And if you don’t have dental insurance, you don’t need to worry about cost. We’ve got an amazing membership plan that has you covered for your dental needs!

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