John Wallace, DDSWith over 25 years of experience in dentistry, Dr. Wallace has the knowledge and skill to address virtually any restorative or cosmetic need one might have. But what he’s best known for is his gentleness and lighthearted personality, making even the most apprehensive patient feel comfortable in the dental chair.


Born and raised in Long Beach, Dr. Wallace graduated with honors from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1993 and is the owner of Ocean View Dental Care. He is a published author, lecturer, and committed humanitarian, providing dental care to the underserved in Mexico, Haiti, and the remote islands of Fiji. Dr. Wallace has a grown son, Brandon, who is married and also works in the dental field.

Dr. Wallace’s Commitment and Passion

Dr. Wallace is committed to providing gentle, compassionate dentistry. This commitment grew out of his experience of being afraid of the dentist when he was a child; he still remembers the apprehension he felt sitting in the chair awaiting treatment. He considers this his secret weapon, as he truly empathizes with fearful, anxious patients.

One of Dr. Wallace’s best qualities is his warm and friendly personality. Rather than rushing through treatment, he enjoys spending time with his patients and really getting to know them. “Everyone has a story to tell and I feel fortunate to have a front row seat to hear some pretty amazing stuff. I do have a captive audience after all,” he quips.

When Not Being a Dentist

In his spare time, Dr. Wallace enjoys exercising, traveling with his lovely wife, and serving in his local church.
”Being part of this team and having the privilege of serving this community is a tremendous blessing to me. We look forward to providing excellent dental care in San Clemente for many years to come.