The loss of several consecutive teeth can lead to a wide range of oral health and quality of life problems. Patients who have experienced significant tooth loss can benefit from the placement of a custom-fitted dental bridge at our San Clemente dental practice. Our dental practice offers advanced digital images and digital impressions that can be directly transmitted to a CAD/CAM system that fabricates bridges. Our doctors can also replace worn or damaged bridges.

Am I a candidate?

Individuals who have lost one or several consecutive teeth are good candidates for a dental bridge. If you are missing one tooth, you can be fitted with a dental implant that replaces your natural tooth root. Once your implant heals, a custom crown can be placed at our office. Patients who have lost an entire arch of teeth are good candidates for a denture.

There are multiple forms of dental bridges available. The most common bridge attaches to natural teeth through the use of two dental crowns on either side of your gap. The abutment teeth hold a false tooth (pontic) or multiple false teeth. Both bridges and dentures can attach to existing teeth, gum tissue, or implants.

To gain candidacy for a dental bridge, one of our doctors may want to ensure that you are first in good oral health. Placing a dental bridge near decayed teeth or infected gum tissue may lead to complications. Our office offers a wide range of restorative treatments (such as dental cleanings, cavity treatments, and tooth extractions) that can restore oral health before you are fitted with a dental bridge.

Benefits of a Dental Crown

The placement of a durable dental bridge at our office can prevent problems like teeth drifting and jaw alignment issues. Tooth loss is a leading cause of malocclusion and jaw pain. Missing teeth can also impede an individual’s ability to chew and speak with ease. A quality dental bridge can prevent these issues by balancing your bite and preventing teeth drifting.

Dental bridges can also improve the appearance of your smile. Tooth loss can leave individuals appearing advanced in age. Often, missing teeth can cause cheeks to appear sunken-in. Undergoing dental bridge placement at our office can leave you appearing several years younger.


Patients who undergo bridge placement at our office can benefit from our advanced imaging technology.

While other dental practices take messy molds, our office offers digital impressions using the advanced TRIOS system. One of our doctors will use an intraoral scanner to capture the specifications of your remaining teeth and jaws. The data is then sent directly to a CAD/CAM system that manufactures your false teeth. The digital impression technology allows for more predictable treatment results and improved comfort for patients.

Patients who undergo implant placement can enjoy further benefits. Dental implants prevent jawbone atrophy, which typically follows tooth loss. With proper oral hygiene habits and regular visits to our office, you can enjoy your tooth replacement treatment for a lifetime.

How are Dental Crowns placed?

Before your custom crown can be placed, two of your teeth will need to be prepped. This process requires the removal of natural tooth structure so two dental crowns can be placed. Our doctors will use local anesthesia and possibly sedation to ensure that you are comfortable before performing this procedure. Once your teeth are prepared, our TRIOS system will take a digital impression of your teeth.

During that visit or at a later date, your custom bridge will be fitted. Once one of our doctors is confident that it is a perfect fit, the prosthetic will be placed using a strong bonding agent. Any minor adjustments can be made at that time.

Patients who receive an implant-retained bridge will need to undergo oral surgery to have one or more dental implants placed in the jaw. Once your implants have healed, you can be fitted with a custom bridge.

Schedule Your Dental Bridge Consultation Today

Dental bridges can restore symmetry and function to your smile following tooth loss. If you are interested in finding out if you are a candidate for a bridge, contact us online or call (949) 388-0780 today to set up your consultation. We look forward to restoring your smile.

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