If you wish to restore form and function to your smile following tooth loss, our office can fit you with a durable, custom-fitted denture. The prosthetic consists of a pinkish-red base (typically made of acrylic) that holds an entire arch of natural-looking false teeth. If you have healthy natural teeth remaining, you can be fitted with a partial denture that clasps onto your teeth. Our office can even place multiple dental implants in your jaw to provide a third option: an implant-retained denture.


Each denture placed at our dental practice will be personalized to meet your oral health needs and budget. We encourage anyone who has experienced extensive tooth loss to consider having a denture placed as soon as possible. Dentures provide many benefits, such as:

  • Improved oral function: Tooth loss can impede an individual’s ability to speak and chew with ease. Proper chewing function is important for nutritional reasons. When food isn’t fully broken down before being swallowed, patients are at increased risk of choking. Once one of our doctors fits you with a custom denture or partial denture, you can enjoy improved speech clarity and the to eat a full range of food items.
  • Fuller-looking cheeks: Tooth loss can leave you looking several years older. Our teeth help fill out our cheeks. Following the loss of several teeth or an entire arch, your cheeks can appear sunken-in. Following placement of a custom denture at our dental practice, you can enjoy a youthful-looking smile and restored cheek volume.
  • An affordable tooth loss solution: Traditional dentures are one of the more affordable solutions for addressing tooth loss. Our office will work with your budget to ensure that you are fitted with a prosthetic that restores your smile while fitting your budget.
  • Improved oral health: If you have natural teeth remaining, a partial denture can prevent teeth shifting. Dentures and partial dentures also restore chewing function and proper jaw alignment.

Dentures restore our patients’ ability to speak and chew with confidence. If you are embarrassed to eat or speak in public due to missing teeth or an old, wobbly denture, our office can fit you with a custom prosthetic that improves your quality of life.

How are Dentures placed?

Before your denture can be fabricated and placed, one of our doctors will need to ensure that you are in good oral health. Some patients may need to undergo multiple tooth extractions ahead of their denture treatment. Any gum-related issues will also need to be addressed. Once your candidacy has been established, an appointment will be made to measure your jaw and gums.

Our office offers digital x-rays and digital impressions. Once the images have been taken, a trusted laboratory will fabricate your denture or partial denture. After the new prosthetic arrives back at our office, one of our doctors will ensure that the prosthetic is a good fit. You will be given detailed instructions on how to care for and maintain your dentures. Removable dentures should be left out while you sleep to prevent irritating your gum tissue.

If you are seeking an implant-retained denture, you will first need to have multiple implants placed in your jaw bone by undergoing oral surgery. Once your implants have healed, one of our doctors can place a custom denture. Implant-retained dentures will never wobble or slip like traditional dentures sometimes do. The implant posts also prevent jawbone atrophy.

Restore Form and Function to Your Smile Today

If you are about to undergo multiple tooth extraction or wish to address extensive tooth loss, our office will fit you with a durable denture that will revamp your smile. To learn more about dentures, contact us online or call (949) 388-0780 today to set up your consultation.

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