Fillings allow dentists to restore lost structure following cavity removal or trauma. Many patients are opting for tooth-colored composite resin, which matches the color and luster of natural teeth. If you have metal fillings, our doctors can safely remove the fillings and place tooth-colored fillings for a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Do I need Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are one of the most common restorative treatments our office offers. The malleable materials offer a versatile solution to a wide range of dental problems. If you suffer from advanced tooth decay, you may be a great candidate for receiving fillings. Dental fillings can replace metal fillings or old fillings that have become weakened or loose. Composite resin can even be used to alter the shape of teeth for cosmetic purposes through a cosmetic treatment called bonding.

Most patients who require small amounts of natural tooth structure restored are good candidates for this restorative treatment. If you have lost a substantial amount of enamel on the top of your tooth, you may be a better candidate for an inlay or onlay. The pre-formed fillings are often placed following the removal of advanced decay or to restore tooth structure following an injury.

Patients who require a significant amount of their tooth structure restored may benefit from a dental crown. The porcelain cap fits around a tooth and restores strength and structure following a root canal or as preparation for receiving a prosthetic.

During your exam at our dental practice, one of our doctors will determine the best option for your fillings. While silver amalgam fillings are not aesthetically pleasing, the metal fillings are often a good option for restoring molars. For areas of your mouth that are outwardly visible, tooth-colored fillings may offer a more cosmetically pleasing option.

Benefits of Fillings

Dental fillings offer many benefits, including the restoration of tooth structure following a restorative treatment or injury. Once you have undergone the non-invasive treatment, you can benefit from:

  • Restored oral health
  • Prevention of future tooth decay
  • Reduced sensitivity
  • Natural-looking results (when using composite resin)
  • An affordable treatment
  • A non-invasive and reversible treatment

Treatment Overview

Dental fillings can be placed during one convenient visit at our dental practice. If you are undergoing cavity treatment, your fillings will be placed following the thorough removal of decay from one or more of your teeth. Once your tooth has been cleaned, a special etching liquid may be used to ensure that your tooth and the fillings attain a strong bond.

If you are having tooth-colored fillings placed, your dentist will color-match the fillings to match your smile. Once the composite resin is placed, a special light will be used to harden the material. Silver amalgam quickly hardens once placed. Any minor adjustments can be made once your fillings are placed.

Side effects following this straight-forward treatment are rare. Some patients may experience temporary sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

Schedule Your Dental Fillings Treatment Today

If you are about to undergo cavity treatment or wish to replace unsightly metal fillings, our doctors can place cosmetically pleasing fillings to restore your smile. Many dental insurance plans cover part of the cost of placing fillings. To learn more, please contact our team online or call (949) 388-0780.

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